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  • How Much Does a Bale of Hay Weigh?

    Hay bales can weigh from 40 lbs to 2,000 lbs (18 kg to 907 kg).They come in two basic shapes, round and square. Round hay bales are usually quite large and weigh from 600 to 1,600 lbs (272 kg to 544 kg). Square hay bales come in two size groups, small and large. Most small square…

  • Tractor Operator Making Large Round Bales – Cab View Video

    Ever wonder what it’s like to operate a tractor while making large round bales? This video does a pretty good job of that.

  • How A Square Hay Baler Works

    This animated video does a good job of showing all the components of a square hay baler and how they function. 1. First the pickup head  picks the hay off the ground and moves it up into the bale chamber. 2. Next the plunger moves towards the hay, first cutting off the hay that didn’t…